Boilermakers are Interactive in Agriculture

From social media to big marketing schemes, the online conversation about agriculture is booming. Some of this conversation can be negative, but in recent years people in the agriculture industry have been opening up to consumers and sharing their stories.  What’s even more exciting is that many of those people are part of the Boilermaker community.

Tom and LuAnn Troxel own a dairy farm in Northwest Indiana where they also operate a large animal veterinary practice. The Troxel Dairy Farm is very interactive on Facebook, where they invite the public to take a look at what’s going on at their farm. Their YouTube video is another way they share with the public what each day holds on a dairy farm.

Boilermaker Connection: Jackson Troxel, son of Tom and LuAnn, is a recent Purdue graduate in the College of Agriculture.

Even the big names like Monsanto have Boilermaker ties. America’s Farmers by Monsanto introduces farm families and gives an inside look at their farms. The Martin family from Kingman, Ind., is one of America’s Farmers.

Boilermaker Connection: Chloe Martin is a freshman at Purdue in Agricultural Communications.

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