Joining the Discussion

As I was scrolling through my Facebook, I ran across a blog post titled “What Monsanto Has Done To Farmers.” Reading it reiterated to me why my major, Agriculture Communications, is so important.

In the post, Hoosier Ag Today’s Gary Truitt reflects upon his taxi ride to an agriculture conference, which covered how agriculture can explain to the general public the need for technological innovations in order to feed the growing population.

The cab driver connected agriculture and biotechnology with Monsanto. But it wasn’t a positive connection. In the cab driver’s words, “It is really a shame what Monsanto has done to farmers.”

Being an Ag. Comm. major, I couldn’t wait to read how Truitt gave his taxi driver a little education. However, that’s not what happened, and this paragraph seemed to jump off the page and hit me in the face:

“The rest of the way to the terminal I wrestled with how to respond to this statement. Should I tell him that he was wrong and should stop reading all those anti-Monsanto rants on social media. Had I had more coffee or if it had been a bit later in the morning, I might have  been up to the challenge, but instead I said nothing deciding that, while he was misinformed, in the end he really did not care about Monsanto or the state of the world’s food supply. But over the next two days as I listened to experts talk about the need for innovation and communication,  his comment kept echoing in my head.” -Gary Truitt

There is a lot of discussion about the food supply, agriculture and biotechnology, both positive and negative, but whose job is it to join or lead the discussion? If you’re talking to a stranger should you take the back seat, or should you speak up? Is there a time and a place bridge that communication gap, or is it always the right time and the right place?


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