This semester at Purdue, I’ve gotten the chance to step out of my comfort zone and learn to communicate through video. While I certainly don’t consider myself a videographer, I have noticed that now when watching a clip I pick up on various aspects: close-up shots, medium shots, wide shots, angles, use of questions.

Learning about these techniques have made me really appreciate a good video. Even more, I now appreciate how the use of these techniques can really make a video hit home for the viewer and tug on their emotions.

The other day, I ran across this video from the American Quarter Horse Foundation, and  I felt a need to share it.  From the narration, to the use of angles and variety of shots, this video pulled me in from beginning to end. It made me want to work harder on my own projects to give my audiences a similar experience.

The mission of the American Quarter Horse Foundation  is to advance the American Quarter Horse and the relationship it shares with people. This video illustrates the bond between a horse and its owner. 

What are some of your favorite agricultural videos?


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