I’m Brooke Fruits and I am a small-town girl from northern Indiana who loves everything Ag. I am currently a senior studying Agriculture Communications at Purdue University, but my path to get here wasn’t the straightest.

I began my college career at a small Ju-Co in Illinois (Black Hawk College) where I judged horses and planned to continue a degree in Animal Sciences. But, through my experiences and the people I’ve met, I have grown to love communications and talking or writing about anything and everything Ag.

At Purdue, I continue to learn something new about Ag. Communications and the College of Agriculture everyday! I started “Boiler Ag. Talk” as part of my COM497, Intro to New Media class, and in it I plan to share what’s going on in Agriculture Communications at Purdue.

This is my small window into the big world of Agriculture Communications, and I can’t wait to begin this blogging journey!

If you have any questions or comments about me or my blog, don’t hesitate to email me at bfruits@purdue.edu, and check out my Twitter account, brooke_fruits, which is dedicated to this blog.

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