Purdue Veterinary Medicine Research

Purdue’s College of Veterinary Medicine uses a treadmill to conduct research on horse health. Casey  Cromer will conclude her undergrad this May in Animal Sciences and begins her journey in the vet school in Fall 2014.  She first got introduced to horse research in Purdue’s vet school as a freshman, and has spent the past four years doing hands-on research.

Watch the treadmill in action, and get the 101 from Casey here:





Who knew classroom readings were interesting

Ever have that ah-ha moment when something from the classroom shows up in real life? Well I just had one of those moments. The other day I was reading material for my horticulture class (HORT 306), and Norman Borlaug popped up. Then, this morning as I was reading the latest blog posts from Crystal Cattle, Borlaug came up again.

Norman Borlaug is considered the father of the Green Revolution (I learned that in HORT 306). But to my surprise, he would have been 100 years old on March 25, which was National Ag Day.   On her blog, Crystal Cattle shared a video remix of popular quotes from Norman Borlaug. And, I must say that I agree with Crystal Cattle about Borlaug’s best quote:

“I think my favorite quote of his is “If I have anything to contribute to this world I’m going to play that card and play it hard.” For Norman this meant that he was going to use science, use GMO variations, use technology to ensure more people around the world had access to food and basic necessities.” -Crystal Cattle

I really enjoyed his quotes, but I’m not the biggest fan of remixes so I thought that part was a little cheesy. However, I think it’s definitely worth the watch.

What do you think, like or dislike?



This semester at Purdue, I’ve gotten the chance to step out of my comfort zone and learn to communicate through video. While I certainly don’t consider myself a videographer, I have noticed that now when watching a clip I pick up on various aspects: close-up shots, medium shots, wide shots, angles, use of questions.

Learning about these techniques have made me really appreciate a good video. Even more, I now appreciate how the use of these techniques can really make a video hit home for the viewer and tug on their emotions.

The other day, I ran across this video from the American Quarter Horse Foundation, and  I felt a need to share it.  From the narration, to the use of angles and variety of shots, this video pulled me in from beginning to end. It made me want to work harder on my own projects to give my audiences a similar experience.

The mission of the American Quarter Horse Foundation  is to advance the American Quarter Horse and the relationship it shares with people. This video illustrates the bond between a horse and its owner. 

What are some of your favorite agricultural videos?


Boilermakers are Interactive in Agriculture

From social media to big marketing schemes, the online conversation about agriculture is booming. Some of this conversation can be negative, but in recent years people in the agriculture industry have been opening up to consumers and sharing their stories.  What’s even more exciting is that many of those people are part of the Boilermaker community.

Tom and LuAnn Troxel own a dairy farm in Northwest Indiana where they also operate a large animal veterinary practice. The Troxel Dairy Farm is very interactive on Facebook, where they invite the public to take a look at what’s going on at their farm. Their YouTube video is another way they share with the public what each day holds on a dairy farm.

Boilermaker Connection: Jackson Troxel, son of Tom and LuAnn, is a recent Purdue graduate in the College of Agriculture.

Even the big names like Monsanto have Boilermaker ties. America’s Farmers by Monsanto introduces farm families and gives an inside look at their farms. The Martin family from Kingman, Ind., is one of America’s Farmers.

Boilermaker Connection: Chloe Martin is a freshman at Purdue in Agricultural Communications.

Weekend Humor

As the snow falls outside and I sit here trying to keep warm, I thought a little farm humor would be a perfect way to brighten the rest of the weekend. Not only do these videos provide a few laughs, but wrapped up in their humor is a story that shows the public what is happening in the world of agriculture.

  • The Peterson Farm Bros have become known for their parodies.  Each video uses clever, educational lyrics and images that have put a face on large farms.

  • The Midwest Dairy Association squeezed their love for dairy farms into this short video that includes footage from family farms in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

  • This young farmer put his own spin on “Cups” to show where food comes from.

Enjoy these videos, and be sure to share any farm humor you find!